About Us

Sustainable Junk Squad LLC is Tulsa’s NEWEST and GREENEST junk removal service formed in 2021.

One of our many goals is to take the junk removal business to the next level. We are a locally owned and operated family business from the Tulsa area.

With a passionate 33 year career of environmental expertise, providing best practice environmental solutions to some of the largest manufacturing companies across the United States such as, Zero Landfill Initiatives, Recycling and Logistics, Waste To Energy disposal options, Transportation of Recycling and Waste Materials, and Landfill Solutions.

Our vision is simple, provide the best customer turnkey Junk Removal Service and experience with cutting edge services, recycling services and environmentally sound disposal options; while keeping our rates the most affordable for our customers.

We want to provide immediate response to our customers and prospective customers with the quickest turnaround times for each.

If we can take every single opportunity that we are fortunate to get, meet and exceed our customer’s goals and expectations, our dream can be met to grow our company and create quality jobs.

We truly hope and wish every customer and employee to have a life that is filled with joy and happiness and look forward to a great future from all.

Thank you for considering Sustainable Junk Squad LLC!